How to keep your Car interior clean and polished?

Do you remember how much you spent on your car when you first bought it? Remember when your car was new, and everything was spotless, inside out? It is easy to maintain that state if you keep a regular cleaning plan for your car interior to remove any dust, dirt, or stains that may have accumulated. In today’s post, our cleaning experts provide their most effective techniques for cleaning and maintaining the upholstery in your car interior so that the next time you travel with a companion, you won’t have to worry about how your car looks on the inside.

Why do we need to clean our car interior?

It is quite likely that your vehicle will become a collection point for toys, food wrappers, beverages, and much more. Many individuals believe cleaning a car is an unnecessary job. Most vehicles naturally degrade, but keeping them clean may prolong their life and worth. 

Even though it is a time-consuming job, you do not leave your car interior in poor condition since a clean car interior is conducive to safe driving. However, we understand that you do not wish to return to the car interior cleaning business regularly but cleaning your interior car at home is more cost-effective and handy than having it cleaned by a professional. So, instead of having your car cleaned by a professional, there are many methods you may use to clean your car interior yourself.

How to Clean your car interior like a pro?

It is suggested that you should clean the car interior every few weeks. Let us have a look at an easy step-wise guide for cleaning the car interior. Let’s get started!

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Easy steps you can follow to clean your car interior

 How to clean car interior

Are you wondering about the things that you need to have to start cleaning the car interior? Do not worry because we have listed down some of the best car interior cleaning tips for you. We are sure that these tips might be the initial stage that you are looking for.

1. Firstly start with the dashboard

It’s time to get your cleaner out. Start by cleaning the dashboard, door panels, and console to remove dust and debris. You can use a cleaning cloth like a duster to clean the surfaces and windows. If your dashboard is dirty, use a mixture of warm water and a car cleaner to wipe it down. We also recommend that you use Wheel Brush, Round to carefully remove debris from those difficult-to-reach areas

TIP: Don’t start by cleaning the carpet while cleaning the car interior, since you’ll wind up pushing dirt back into the carpet when you clean the seats and other places. 

2. Now secondly clean the windows of your car interior

Glass on the car interior is an essential part because fingerprints, dust, and smears on the car interior may decrease vision and cause a glare when it’s bright outside. Use a high-quality cleaning solution, such as Glass Cleaning Cloth, you can be confident of a streak-free finish that provides excellent vision.

Using a soft cloth and a couple of drops of Foaming Glass Cleaner, wipe down the car interior windows, because dirt and debris may readily migrate from dashboard surfaces to glass surfaces while you’re cleaning down the dashboard.

3. Next clear the Center Console

The Center console is a small area at the front of the car. It is mainly a storage box that is located between the driver’s seat and the front passenger.

Cup holders are often seen on the center console, and they may be a little dirty. If the cup holder is detachable, soak it in a mixture of warm water and a small amount of dash cleaner for a few minutes. After that scrub the surface using a sponge. Lastly, cleaning it with a soft cloth and thoroughly washing it with fresh water is an excellent way.

4. Do not forget to remove bacteria out from your car seat

If you are wondering that, you are all set and you do not have to worry then we must tell you that your car seat contains a lot of bacteria. A large number of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Propionibacterium, Bacillus, Actinomyces, Corynebacterium, and fungus such as Aspergillus, and Cladosporium may be discovered at your car seat. As a result, give your car seat a thorough cleaning every month if you travel more often. 

For leather car seats, first, remove the cover and then clean the dry dust or simply vacuum the leather car seat covers. Next, pour some cleaner on the seat and scrub the surface with a microfiber cloth. After 60 seconds, wipe the lather from the seat with a clean microfibre cloth.

We recommend you use car leather seat cleaner and a cloth to clean every part of your leather car seat cover. Also, you can wipe out your car seats using this solution. 

TIP:  Do not use bleach or ammonia-based chemicals in your cleaning solution to avoid damaging the leather of your car seat cover.

5. Floor mats should be removed from the car interior and cleaned

Remove the floor mats of the car and shake them as much as possible to remove any remaining moisture and dry dust. After that, clean them well with soap and foaming carpet cleaner and allow them to dry thoroughly before putting them back in place. If you think that your car mat is fully damaged and you need to replace it, you can look for a better car mat.

TIP: Do not forget to use an air freshener and then you are all set.


Don’t you think that the feeling of driving in a clean vehicle is wonderful? Following these simple cleaning methods, as described above, regularly will help to keep your car in great condition. The more often you clean your car interior, the more will be its worth and longevity. In case if you are wondering about the best supplies for your car interior then you can follow Carorbis.

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